Outsourcing has contributed to the global prosperity. We have great partners in Japan, Singapore and many other countries, and undertake a variety of software, Internet-related projects

Talent dispatch
“Talent dispatch” is one important way for Japan and developed countries to solve the labor shortage. We provide relevant training, visa, employment and other services to facilitate technical personnel to achieve the dream of working overseas

Skills training
In order to improve the professional level of technical personnel and language skills, we offer a variety of related skills training in Japanese, English, Java, PHP, C ++, Linux, Ruby, Python, Sharepoint, design and testing.

Internet platform
The Internet is changing all aspects of our life. It is also the important trends in technology development. We are committed to the development and operation of a variety of platforms for study and work.

Online Talk
“Online Talk” is the service to provide online one-on-one talk from teachers in one country to students in another country. Convenient, cheap, promote employment, and improve learning opportunities

We try to find excellent goods all over the world and then sell it to others countries by our platform. We already experiment between China an Japan. The next step is to develop the market in the Unite States.