Wuhan Flat Info, seated in the Wuhan, a city named as Zhongguancun in the middle area of China, providing software outsourcing, temporary staffing, skills training, networking platforms and other related business information technology services. Core members are from countries of China, Singapore, Japan, the Philippines and other country. We have a profound study and understanding of international software outsourcing, internet and e-commerce industry.

Company History
Registered in September 2010, Wuhan flat Software Information Services Ltd.
2011/10 set up branch offices in Japan
2012/04 undertake the development of service outsourcing
2013/04 undertake international dispatch service
2015/04 changed its name to flat Ltd.
2016/10 online Chinese talk site “Skype Chinese” started.
2017/7 online Japanese talk site “Flat Japanese” started.
2018/3 “Work to Japan” is released.